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Jmail Team Loads of mail today due to the holiday. We will be scanning for quite a while!
Jul 5

Monica Callaway What brings others to The Prison Voice? :)
May 16

Prison Voice We have been having issues with Google trying to get them to index The Prison Voice in Google search but they keep denying our requests. Our URL previously was a redirect to but now it’s its own separate thing but Google says it’s a duplicate site so they won’t index us. Hard to grow when you can’t get listed on the world’s largest search engine. #Frustrating, #growingpains
Jun 23

Ms Amnesia Official schedule for the rollout of Securus Tablets in TDCJ
May 27

One Piece Hey! Do you want to chat with me? ;)
May 29

Cristina Santos I'm getting a little desperate, I can't find my penpal anywhere, he just disappeared from the CDCR database . He is a lifer, he was not released unless a miracle occurred from Thursday to here, which was the last I heard from him (thanks JMail!). He didn't talk to me about transfers, he wasn't sick, I don't know what to think anymore and honestly, I only think the worst :( He's not in hospital, he's not in court either, I'm sure he would tell me, but I can't find him either. He simply doesn't exist right now. :( I called the prison and the mail locator but they don't give me any information because I'm not a relative :( Has anyone been through this before? Any ideas? :(
Jul 19

Steve B Wishing everyone a great Tuesday!
Jun 7

Jun 4

Lance Jeffries Morning everyone, i need coffee and the snow to stop lol, in was going to say something witty, but i am not awake lol
Jun 19